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January - October 2007

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July 15, 2004 - 9:18 a.m.

Ok, Don’t Laugh

Yesterday, I had my monthly check-up with the OB. I’m approximately 17 and a half weeks and measuring spot on. When the dr. went to listen to the heartbeat, the baby was moving all around, so it took him a second to get a good read. At the time though, I didn’t realize that’s what it was. I just thought he couldn’t find it. Minor freak out in my head, but everything was fine and he said the heartbeat was strong. Larry went with me to the appt. and he said he started to freak a little too. The little heart was whoosh-whooshing at 155 beats per minute. My dr. grinned and said, “Sounds like a girl.” Squeal! He never hazarded a guess with Peyton so either A. he’s more comfortable with me now and doesn’t mind making a small mistake or B. he just has a feeling. I’m going with B. ‘cause I have that feeling too. My ultrasound will be scheduled for next week, so we hopefully will know for sure then.

So, without further adieu . . .

My little guy is growing up so fast! Larry generally takes him to school in the morning since it’s not as important for him to be at work right on time. The past couple of days, Larry has been gushing how Peyton will say, “Bye Daddy!” as he drops him off. This is a great accomplishment in a couple of ways. One, even though whenever I check on him during the day, he’s doing fine, Peyton still hated to be dropped off in the morning. Generally, his teacher would hold him for a while after we left. Sometimes he even cried. I always waited a bit to make sure he stopped, and sure enough he would, but it was still hard. So, this is great that he’s actually walking in now and acting ok. And two, he’s one of the younger ones in the class, so the other kids seem to be talking up a storm, whereas Peyton still speaks Chinese some. It’s amazing though, these past few weeks, he’s really starting to make more sense and talk sentences. You can actually almost have a conversation with him. He’s going through the stage though where he wants to repeat everything like 50 billion times. He was on the phone with mom and dad last week and we had walked out to the back patio. I was trying to fish some rocks out of the pool and I swear for 10 minutes all he said to mom and dad was, “rocks in the water, rocks in the water, rocks in the water.” Ok, ok, we get it! It’s cute though. Every new stage is an adventure.

Dude, I totally forgot why I started this paragraph, so anyway, (if anyone is still reading) this morning I was leaving for work, so I kissed him good-bye, told him I was going to work and to stay with daddy. He looked up and said, “Bye Mommy!” And, oh dear, it nearly broke my heart it was so cute. I almost cried right there.

So, there’s my sappy Peyton story for the week.

I actually had another segment, but I totally forgot what it was, which is probably good because this is officially the longest entry I’ve written in months.

Happy Thursday.