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January - October 2007

PPP Direct

July 22, 2004 - 9:26 a.m.

Somewhat Weekly Photo

I probably won’t do this every week, but this week, there just felt like a big increase. Now that I look at the photos, it doesn’t seem that way, though. Oh well.

We go Monday night for my ultrasound, which is cool because my parents will be in town so they can come too.

I actually slept the whole night last night without getting up to pee! Go me! Woohoo.

So, here it is. I think I’m at 18 ½ weeks, or somewhere around there.

And since I had the camera out, here’s the angel before he slips into stinker mode.

Oh, does anyone know where I can go to archive this diary? I've done it once, but can't find the link again.