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January - October 2007

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November 04, 2004 - 10:06 a.m.

Laying it on the Line

Iím not an idiot for believing in God and with that belief upholding the moral standards taught to me from early childhood. Iím not an idiot for believing right is right and wrong is wrong or for not agreeing with people who practice different lifestyles. Thatís what makes us unique.

Iím not an idiot for thinking that prayer will always cause more good than harm. It never hurt anyone to have someone pray for them and if we can bring a whole stadium together for 30 seconds to bless the safety of the men, women, boys or girls playing on the field, then we will be a better people for it.

Iím not an idiot for believing that at the moment of conception the cells growing inside a womanís body is a baby and taking that babyís life is murder. I felt Shey move at 13 weeks. I saw him move on ultrasound at 10 weeks. Peytonís tiny little heartbeat was visible by ultrasound at 7 weeks. This is before most women even know they are pregnant. Iím intelligent enough to know there are always extenuating circumstances that may affect this belief, but the prevalent lack of responsibility for oneís actions that is sweeping our nation disturbs me. Abortion should not be a quick fix for one nightís mistake.

Iím not an idiot for believing one man is better for a job than another man is. This is my opinion and my freedom as an American. The overwhelming negativity that permeated entries and comment sections yesterday disheartened me and gnawed at my mind. Most of the diaries I read reflect varying lifestyles and opinions. I love reading these as it keeps me open to new ideas and options. The majority of the time I agree to disagree, but sometimes I think, ďYou know, theyíre right.Ē

Reading over and over again how ashamed people were of the 52% of the American population that voted for Bush made me want to lock myself up in a little box and not allow anyone elseís thoughts to penetrate my belief system. I know this isnít sensible and I wonít do it, but yesterdayís entries were discouraging. Apparently, itís okay to have different opinions as long as our opinions match. Having different ideas, beliefs and reasons compiles the greatness that makes us human and especially human in the United States of America. The freedom to share a way of thinking and not be condemned for it is the reason we live in this country.

Iím not an idiot and stop telling me to be ashamed of my decisions.