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January - October 2007

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March 09, 2005 - 11:18 a.m.

The Hanger of Cliffs is Revealed

The night after this entry was written, Peyton went to bed as usual with me sitting on the floor, but he refused to fall asleep. I was in his room a good 45 minutes before I finally had enough and told him I was going to bed. He moaned for a while after I left, but not too bad and eventually he fell asleep.

The next night I figured I would just put him to bed and leave. So we conducted our routine as usual and I told him good night and I was going to bed. He moaned a bit and talked to himself for a while, but he put himself to sleep and he slept through the night in his room. No little pitter patter of feet at 4:30 in the morning coming to our room.

It has been a week and one day since then and every night, he has gone to bed on his own and stayed in his room till 8 when I go and wake him up.

Yes, you read that right. My little boy who used to fight sleep so bad he’d fall asleep sitting up is now going to bed on his own and staying in there ALL NIGHT LONG.


He’s even woken up during the night to tell us Shey was crying and then stayed in his bed and WENT BACK TO SLEEP!

The heavens have opened and the Gods have blessed us for I am able to share my bed with only my husband again.

I’m just amazed that he transitioned this easily. I thought for sure it would take months to get him to sleep through the night in his own bed. I guess my little boy is really growing up.