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January - October 2007

PPP Direct

March 11, 2005 - 11:55 a.m.

Hi, My Name is Erika and I'm Becoming One of Those Mothers

Peyton and Shey are having their pictures taken tomorrow for Easter and I totally went to Macys on my lunch break and bought them the cutest matching/coordinating Tommy outfits, spending more on three pieces of clothing in 10 minutes than I normally spend on myself in six months. Holy long sentence, Batman.

Seriously though, I bought Shey this little jumper that has different shades of big blue squares running through it (it's a lot cuter than it sounds) and Peyton got white shorts with a button down shirt that has the same colors of blue running through it, but the lines are diagonal. I'm going to have them both barefooted (hopefully Peyton will cooperate (I never know if he's going to be in a "I have to keep my shoes on" mood))

I just hope this cold Shey and I have will let up and his little eyes aren't red in the morning. Poor little guy.