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January - October 2007

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September 09, 2005 - 10:21 p.m.

Day One - And the Journey Begins

We headed for the airport at 8:30 Thursday, August 25, 2005. As we pulled away from Larry’s parents house, a few pangs of sadness stole into my heart as it sunk in I wouldn’t see the boys for 10 whole days. My mind eased though and exhilaration set in as I thought about 10 whole days without responsibility full of adult companionship. No dirty clothes to wash, no bottles to make or diapers to change and definitely no poopy underwear. Vacation can be a wonderful thing.

Hurricane Katrina was headed towards the Florida coast and we prayed our plane would take off before the airport closed. Thankfully, the winds and rains granted us time to leave and head for Seattle. The flight to Memphis passed uneventfully, as did our stop and remaining leg to Washington. The three hour time difference was playing a number on our heads as we hurried to the hotel and made dinner plans. The hotel concierge recommended Daniel’s Lounge, a nice restaurant within walking distance, so we set out to enjoy our first night of freedom.

Dinner was magnificent. Larry ordered the house prime rib and I swear it was almost 4 inches thick. I opted for the Australian lobster tail, which practically melted in my mouth. Stuffed and tired, we headed back toward the Marriott. It was only about 7:30, so we deterred to the nearest Starbucks (of course) in an effort to acclimate our bodies to the time difference. Surprisingly, the coffee was weak, and our first Seattle coffee experience was a disappointment. Oh well, we would be spending two more days in Seattle at the end of our cruise and figured there would be plenty of coffee houses to try at that time.

Our trek to the hotel was a bit slower after the warm coffee, but the cool air was a refreshing change after the last few months of the Florida heat. We settled into bed that night excited for our departure.

View of Seattle