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January - October 2007

PPP Direct

January 23, 2007 - 2:17 p.m.

Wanted: A Bed Big Enough for One Adult and Two Halves

You would think a king size bed would be plenty big enough for one adult, a four year old and a two year. However, anyone with children knows (and I'm even looking at you, who denies your children sleep with you) that even a bed the size of a football stadium would not be large enough to accommodate the shifting and wiggling and kicking that accompanies sleeping with rugrats. Larry is out of town for the week (but if a stranger calls, I will tell them he's in the shower) so I so foolishly thought I would have my huge comfy bed to myself last night. Au contraire, mon fraire, at 1:45, Shey woke up crying, so I brought him to bed with me. He settled in rather quickly in the middle of the bed. And because he has a "Shey is in the bed with mommy" radar beam, Peyton was up quickly thereafter.

The thing is, Peyton wants to sleep right by me in order to rub my ear and dig his feet into my back. I refused his request as Shey was already in the middle of the bed, and I would not be subject to being squished between them on one half of the bed. Of course, he whined, "but I'm scared!" Tough! So I stuck my leg out to let him touch that. This action woke Shey up, who decided to perform his flipping trick, where he decides to put his head at the foot and his feet near the head. This set off a whole chain of events: we have little feet and heads at the same ends with no control, so you can see where that led. Eventually we all fell back asleep.

Alas, for me, it was not to be a peaceful sleep, for while Peyton can sleep through his snorting and sniffling, I can not. Added to that Shey's constant movement and my lack of room, all I could think is "when is this night going to end?!?!" And, of course, just as I got into a good sleep, it did.