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January - October 2007

PPP Direct

January 24, 2007 - 12:55 p.m.

There's not much a hockey game, a few beers and good sex won't fix

Last night, we were given second row seats to see the Florida Panthers and Toronto Maple Leafs play a heart pounding, body beating, bloody game of hockey. I don't mind watching football or basketball on TV, but I really think Hockey is the best sport to watch in person, especially, close up and right next to the ice. There's just something about watching huge guys with sticks beat the hell out of each other that brings out that primative grrrrr in you. One guy got hit in the face pretty close to us and bled on the ice. After they threw him a towel and he skated off, the ref and goalie just scraped the blood in the ice till it froze and then kicked it aside. Awesome! Most of the rules and such were lost on Larry and me, but we had fun watching the guys fly around the rink. I definitely want to go again.