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January - October 2007

PPP Direct

October 25, 2007 - 10:29 a.m.

h2>A New Hobby

Last night I went with a friend to a Close to My Heart scrapbooking workshop. I've always enjoyed looking at scrapbooks, and I've even bought a few supplies before, but I never felt I had the time or the money to go all out with it.

The consultant that worked with us last night was really cool though. She has several small groups that meet once a month for workshops that range from $10-$20. The group or club rotates houses so everyone gets a chance to play "hostess" two or three times a year and reap the rewards of hostess gifts. The members of the club agree to spend a certain amount once a month, which includes the workshop fee, and then the hostess earns her free or discounted supplies. It seems like a great way to work on a scrapbook without being overwhelmed. Plus, you get to meet once a month with a few friends for some fun, food and wine. What more could you ask for?

I'm going to set up a party next month for my friends down here just to go over the basics and introduce everyone the tools of the trade, then if I have enough people interested, I'd like to start my own club.

I'm really happy with the pages I made last night and can't wait to add to it.