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January - October 2007

PPP Direct

November 16, 2007 - 1:19 p.m.

Pay Per Post

Many of you may wonder when from time to time I post “sponsored” entries discussing different websites and purchasing opportunities what exactly I am doing and what my intentions may be. A year or so ago, I joined Pay Per Post, which offers different companies blog advertising and also allows bloggers to feature different gadgets, toys, services, etc. The list and possibilities are endless.

There are generally over 100 “opps” available for “posties” to write about and I try to pick those that have relevance to my life, interests and blog. Over the past year, I have written 40 or so entries with sponsors and have earned over $350.00. There is definitely the occasion to write more posts and make a lot more money, but I tend to write in spurts and so my paid posts go in spurts as well.

The top poster for Pay Per Post has made over $16,000.00 this year. Yep, $16,000.00 just writing about things she loves, uses and recommends. Of course, the more approved blogs and/or websites one maintain, the better the chance to make lots of dough. Also, the more popular your website or blog is, the more money is offered for the advertisement. Some “opps” pay more than $300.00 a post.

One nice thing about Pay Per Post is whenever an entry has been approved and live for 30 days, the money automatically is placed in your paypal account. No fuss, checks or hunting down the money you have earned. I like saving up the money for special items that I don’t really need, but just want. Today, I bought a new Siggs water bottle with my earned money.

Also, if you look to the side, you will see that someone can also pay me directly to write an ad for them. I think for bloggers, Pay Per Post is a great way to make some money without over running your site with advertisements.