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January - October 2007

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January 22, 2008 - 2:42 p.m.

Computer Woes

Yesterday afternoon, we noticed that our computer would not start up and we had something like the following message: Windows not can not start. Windows cannot find file ntoskrnl.ex. Apparently, this is a pretty important file because when I e-mailed our IT guys at work they told me that unless I had my start-up disc, I was probably screwed.

I thought we had thrown all that away, but I went home at lunch and the last place I looked, I found the package that comes with all new computers and it contained the start up disc. Thankfully, we were able to reload Windows XP and the computer seems to be working file.

Had I not been able to speak with our IT guys at work, I would have had to look into hiring an outside repair company such as Fast-teks.

Fast-teks offers a wide range of computer repair solutions as well as basic computer help such as office relocating. Fast-teks actually comes to your house or business to complete the repairs.

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